Um lenço do namorados para Sara

This time it has nothing to do with Science. Although this post is about a present for a scientist friend of mine, Sara.

Sara comes from Viana do Castello, in Portugal. They’ve got a beautiful traditional needlecraft: Os lenços do namorados (Sweetheart Handkerchiefs or Fiancée Handkerchiefs). They are handkerchiefs made of linen or cotton and embroidered with several related love patterns.

The handkerchief was embroidered in free moments of the day by the in-loved girl who would transpose her feelings into the handkerchief, like if she was writing a love letter. Then, she would use it on Sunday and later she would offer it to the boy she loved. If he agreed to the relationship, he would wear it around his neck or in the pocket of the Sunday best.

For my very own version of a ‘lenço do namorados’ I used some traditional motifs, like hearts and flowers, and some unexpected ones, like a gecko, to customize it for Sara (she works on geckos and lizards).

lenço de namorados lenço de namorados

The next phrase is from a Portuguese song. You can listen to it in this video. Sorry, I couldn’t find any one better. Don’t even pay attention to the image. It has nothing to do with the song.  lenço de namorados lenço de namorados lenço de namorados


Ana’s doll

I made this doll for Ana (sorry, not for sale). I met her in Edinburgh and although she works as a scientist, I think she is rather an ARTIST. You can check whether I am right or not here and here.

The inspiration for the doll came from PinkNounou. A Portuguese girl who makes the prettiest dolls ever.