Hello and welcome to my blog.

Although I‘ve been sewing small projects with my mum’s help since I remember I’ve never considered myself a creative person. But it turned out that I am!

Every time I need a very special item to give as a present to my friends I make it instead of buying it (you can see some of them in my blog soon). In the process of making the last one I realized that I enjoy it so much, but I don’t have either the time or the excuse for doing it more often, so I looked for an excuse: sell them! This also gives me the opportunity of experimenting and making projects that I wouldn’t make for my friends or me.

I moved to Edinburgh a while ago for work, so here is where my ‘business’ is based, in a tiny corner of my living room.

My work is inspired by science in general, although there is a huge bias due to my evolutionary background. I hope you help me to change that by requesting customized items. Also, I love Christmas! But as a family-and-friends-getting-together holiday. The typical Christmas ornaments don’t suit me, so I decided to make my own ones.

For my projects I prefer cotton fabrics and natural fibres. I use cotton threads for hand embroidery. Recently I learned how to handprint fabric. I hope you can see my new projects soon!


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